Because migraine doesn't have to control you

End Migraine Misery

Have you been told you just have to live with migraine? Well you don’t have to – there is a way of dealing with it.

Migraine is horrible, it’s sickening, it’s painful, it’s antisocial, it wrecks your plans. It imprisons you…

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is an alternative – a way of dealing with migraine to lessen its impact on you so significantly that you can get on with your life – free from migraine worry.

I call it simply – the 10 Week Plan. It’s a one-to-one programme for clients who suffer with migraine. Together we investigate the real causes of your migraine; I teach you Trigger Point Therapy and mind-body techniques to give you long-term tools to combat the problem – so at the end, you are in control, and know how to stay in control.

From ongoing feedback, 98% of my clients report a better quality of life, and satisfaction following our work together. They get to live through their migraines in a way they never could before, free from the worry of pain, allowing them to live and enjoy life to the full.

“Jan has literally given me my life back.” (SM, Edinburgh)
“Jan’s techniques were gentle but powerful.” (KH, Edinburgh)