Because migraine doesn't have to control you

Are You Missing Out On Life Because of Migraine?

Do you lose days, cancel plans or miss family get togethers?

Learn how to tailor your life around the life you want, not migraine.

What would you love to change the most about migraine?

The debilitating symptoms
Time lost, be it hours or days
Events in life you miss out on
Anxiety of the next episode?

90% of people with migraine say that it interferes with their education, their career, their social life and relationships.

Perhaps you’ve been told you just have to put up with migraine. But, you don’t. There is another way. I know because for over 35 years I put up with migraine. I created End Migraine Misery, the only programme of its kind in the UK, so that you don’t have to wait that long.

“Jan has literally given me my life back.” SM, Edinburgh

If you want a different result; change how you do things.

Routine migraine treatments focus just on symptom relief. Yet, at best that only gives you short term relief. For long-lasting change you need to get to the heart of the matter and sort it.

Working with me you will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to enjoy living life with added zing.

Enjoy more migraine-free days

Do the things you can’t do right now

Love how you feel

Enjoy life with greater ease

Feel like the real YOU.

“Jan’s techniques were gentle but powerful.” KH, Edinburgh