Because migraine doesn't have to control you

The Migraine Plan For Rule Breakers

Bye, bye fear. Hello freedom

Enjoy Less Migraine, More Living

The worst thing about migraine? Not the crapola symptoms, as lousy as they are. No. It is the fear that lurks in the shadows of your life. The dreaded “What if…?” And, that leaves you feeling vulnerable. If you’re drawn here I’m guessing this rings a bell or two for you, too.

And that probably you too long to break free of migraine’s malevolent tentacles. You know the ones. Crushing your joy. Snagging your relationships. Squeezing your opportunities. Put simple you are done grappling. You are ready to change. You are ready to welcome that wonderful lightness of truly being that arrives when the fear leaves.

I am here to help you do just that. My name is Jan Southern and I live and work in Edinburgh. For over 30 long years I too wrestled needlessly with migraine. Until, I gradually unearthed the truth. And it started with this question.

What if migraine is triggered by how you respond to the world?

This is the answer that I discovered. Migraine is about your body. It is about your brain. It is truly about you. With that knowledge, a whole new avenue of possibilities opens up for you. Deep down in your heart you know your truth. That you have so much more to offer. That you have so much more you wish to enjoy. And, you can. How that looks, how that feels will be unique to you.

Right now though, your only task is to cut yourself a little slack (maybe that’s a new feeling for you?). Give yourself permission to take the next step. And learn a little more about how the Migraine Plan could transform your life.

Is This For You?

As a problem solver, you’re probably curious to know if this is right for you. You like to do your own research. You like to make up your own mind. Give yourself the permission to learn more about the Migraine Plan. Discover what you can expect. Click on the button to learn more.

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