Because migraine doesn't have to control you

The Migraine Plan For Rule Breakers

Bye, bye fear. Hello freedom

About Jan

People often ask me what difference the Migraine Plan has made to my life. My answer is I have lost the migraine worry, gained more time and more choice. More time because I no longer have to waste time pre-planning my life against a bad pain day. More choice because I am back in control of my life, not migraine. I can even choose to leave things to the last minute, if I want. A novel experience.

My migraines kicked in when I was 11 years old. For the next 30+ years, it’s safe to say that I suffered with them. Cancelling on family & friends. Losing precious days. Desperately pretending to be OK. Now, I no longer suffer with them.

That doesn’t mean I never get migraines. They are less frequent, less severe and don’t last as long but, from time to time, I can still get them. It’d be offering false hope to suggest otherwise and I won’t do that. But, it is true to say that I no longer suffer with them for these reasons.

“I am free of organising my life around time devouring migraine. I am free of that energy-sapping fear that lurks in the background.”

Now, I get to plan our family holidays, go travelling, meet up with friends and build my business, to help people just like you, with worry-free enthusiasm and a new found sense of ease.

I want the same for you, however that looks for you.

To talk with me about just that you can book your free 30-minute phone with me. It’d be great to hear from you.

The Migraine Plan grew out of my professional training and my personal experience. And, the experiences of my clients too, who challenge me and themselves because they will not settle for less. My drive to create the Plan is that too many of us are let down by standard migraine regimes. The ones that pigeon-hole you as a passive, meek patient.

It is time to change that because migraine does not have to control you.

There is a better way. To discover more get in touch for your free assessment phone call.

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1 billion people in the world get migraine and there’s too little out there that helps. This is one approach that works.

I warmly invite you to book your free 30 minute call to talk with me about how we can solve your migraine puzzle.

I hope you’ll take up my invitation and book your free call with me to discover if the Migraine Plan is right for you. Because your life comes first; not migraine. I look forward to talking with you.