Because migraine doesn't have to control you

The Migraine Plan For Rule Breakers

Bye, bye fear. Hello freedom

About Jan Southern


a family history of migraineWhen my granny died, I was a young girl. But I remember this story. Of how she had the smoothest forehead. Why? The uncountable times she laid a cold, damp cloth to her forehead in a vain attempt to ease migraine. I can picture, too, my Mum standing on the kitchen doorstep, struggling with migraine nausea, cooking for three young children. 

My turn came when I was eleven. That’s when the migraine attacks first hit me. At the age of sixteen, a specialist consultant put me on beta-blockers. I became a zombie with migraines. I refused to take the unhelpful medication. That was that.

I thought migraine was normal. It just unfortunately ran in my family. No-one ever told me otherwise. And so, I did not allow migraine to hold me back.

I qualified as an Environmental Scientist. My career grew and I rose up the ladder. I traveled, met wonderful friends and I enjoyed life. Yet all the time, I was living under the dark shadow of the next migraine attack. Until, in my early 40’s I decided to embark on a new career. That decision became a truly life-changing event.

Training with the UK-leading Jing Institute of Advanced Massage, I learnt, for the first time, about the Trigger Point Therapy. The ground-breaking work of Dr Janet Travell and Mr David G Simons. This seemed like the answer to my migraine. I received a course of trigger point therapy from a fantastic massage therapist. Did my migraine change?

The frequency of my attacks reduced and that was wonderful, for sure. The severity, however, was unchanged. Waking on yet another morning to excruciating symptoms left me distraught. But, it wasn’t the pain that caused my tears. No. I was distraught thanks to the overwhelming migraine burden. It was time to begin my own investigations. With me as the guinea pig.

Jan Southern The Migraine PlanDedicating time and attention, I gave myself the freedom to work instinctively. Through this process of creating, exploring and refining, I have organically evolved The Migraine Plan.

It is a unique and intuitive process. One that has transformed my way of being.

If you are ready to embrace being outside the migraine shadow, I invite you to apply for The Migraine Plan and to work with me.

Jan Southern headshot is by Claire Watson Photography