Because migraine doesn't have to control you

The Migraine Plan For Rule Breakers

Bye, bye fear. Hello freedom

Solving Your Big, Complex Migraine Puzzle

Your migraine is unique to you. You need a solution that is unique to you because that’s how you move forward.The Migraine Plan is a 10-week interactive programme that’s created around you. The weekly sessions are in person at my Edinburgh office.

Your life comes first, not migraine

This isn’t about misleading promises of no more migraine ever again or false hopes of a cure. Pain control and managing your symptoms is part of the plan. But, the bigger picture is helping you reclaim the things that migraine is snatching from your life.

The starting point is figuring out just what is going on.

We kick off by taking a good look at:

  • What are the real root causes of your migraine
  • How you respond to a migraine attack and to the thought of one
  • How it impact your family, work and social life
  • What is your migraine mind-set
  • How do those around you respond and how does that effect you.

Finding that clarity by yourself can be hard going. You’re too close to see the wood for the trees. I’ll help you shine a bright light on obstacles that are tripping you up. I will take your answers and use them to create your very own integrated treatment plan.

Your answers help to create your very own treatment action plan

Your plan may include techniques to:

  • Re-tune your out of kilter pain system
  • Release unhelpful migraine beliefs
  • Repair aggravating micro-injuries in your soft tissues. And,
  • Help you make supportive lifestyle changes

Most people find it tough to stay on track when making changes. That’s normal, especially when talking about long-standing habits. I’m right there with you each week, helping you to stay focused, working in a way that sparks your natural curiosity and enthusiasm.

Working with a sense of curiosity helps keep you on track

This is all about you. You are an active partner. Each of our 10 weekly sessions at my Edinburgh office, begins with a catch-up to check how it’s going. Any sticking points, and everyone has them, we nip in the bud.

What are your goals?

My goal for you is that during the 10-week process you will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence that will allow you to live your life well, even with migraine.

What is it you want to get from working with me and the Migraine Plan? I’d love to know. Book your free 30-minute phone call with me.

ps ~ People sometimes ask me, does that mean my door is then closed? No, it doesn’t. If in the future you should hit a bumpy spot in the road and need a few words of encouragement and support to get you back on track, I’m here for you.

What Kind of People Benefit from the Migraine Plan?

People who want to be involved. People who are ready to make change. People who are eager to learn.

If this sounds like you it’d be great to hear from you. Book you free 30-minute phone call with me.

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