Because migraine doesn't have to control you

The Migraine Plan For Rule Breakers

Bye, bye fear. Hello freedom

What To Expect on The Migraine Plan

With migraine, it isn’t just about the body bit. It isn’t just about the brain bit. It’s about both. So it makes sense that to change your migraine you need to take action to change both. The Migraine Plan is a nine-week method that does just that.

You, me, all of us express ourselves through our bodies. Constantly. Just think of laughter, tears, sighs. Many of our physical expressions are much more subtle. Over time, these become rigid patterns within your body.

Right now, your brain and body have got stuck on migraine. I am going to help you get unstuck.

You are going to learn learn how to uncover, listen and change your migraine for the better. It begins when you successfully meet the criteria for being welcomed on to the Plan.

The next step is your foundation one-to-one session with me. Here we’ll kick start your preparation for change work. You will receive the techniques you need for this process. Why? Because preparation is key before we jump in to your seven one-to-one sessions.

You and I are going to shine a light on your redundant and unhelpful habits and change them for ones that support you. And that includes changing your body’s unhelpful habits too. During the course of your seven one-to-one transformation sessions you will gain release you from your migraine-triggering restrictions. And, you will learn new techniques that support you now and in the months and years to come.

This is how the beauty of deep, subtle transformation occurs.

It is way to change your migraine story. Now. And, for the future too. Your next step is to answer these soul searching questions.

Who I Work With

I want you to know that I will only accept you on to the Migraine Plan if I am certain of two things. First, that you are ready to do this work. And second, that we share the same ethos. What is my ethos?

Less is more, simplicity and the beauty of subtle transformation.

If that sounds right to you, great. Your next step? Take a moment and answer these simple yet heart-felt questions.

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