Because migraine doesn't have to control you

Improve Your Migraine, Love How You Feel

How I Work

I created my system End Migraine Misery to help people improve their migraine so they can love how they feel.

It comprises 11 one-hour sessions with me, either from my Edinburgh consulting rooms or via Skype.

Your first 10 sessions take place once a week over 10 weeks. Your 11th session take place 1 month after that.

At the end of your 11 sessions, you are ready to go – and I measure our success on the fact that you no longer need my input; you are truly independent.

To improve your migraine, to you feel like the real you, we work on both your brain and body, together.

My clients report fewer attacks with less intense pain. They may still get a few but, they tell me that’s OK because now they can do the things that they couldn’t do before.

They have the peace of mind to enjoy life that only comes when you the knowledge, techniques and confidence to be in control your migraine.

Here’s how I help you do that:

Session 1: Breaking Down the Bars of your Migraine Cage

We spend the whole of your first session getting to the heart of the matter. Talking about you, addressing issues head on instead of brushing them under the carpet.

Talking and being truly listened to, is hugely therapeutic, in fact, it’s essential. It is a huge, huge release.

Breaking the silence, speaking freely, is the way to freedom.

Sessions 2-6: Improve Your Migraine

We develop your own menu of mind-body and Trigger Point Therapy techniques that are right for you.

Under my tuition, you learn how to do these techniques for yourself. You start to practice and test them right away.

90% of my clients typically notice small changes begin after session 4.

You feel empowered as you gain confidence knowing you can practice your personalised techniques, safely and correctly. I support you every step of the way.

Session 7-10: Do The Things You Couldn’t Do Before

Education is the foundation of improving your migraine. The real magic comes when you apply this to your own personal experience. You begin to reintroduce into your life one thing that you couldn’t do before.

It’s perfectly normal to hit a few road bumps on the path to recovery. I am here to help smooth the way. Based on your experience, we fine tune your personal menu of techniques if needed.

You discover that you can pick yourself up and dust yourself down because you’ve done all the hard work during these 10 weeks.

We celebrate your success now that you are ready to love how you feel and enjoy life.

Session 11: Feel Like The Real You, Again

One month after session 10, I’ll give you a call. We’ll catch up on what is now easier in your life, what you do now that you couldn’t do before.

As your migraine improves, new opportunities and possibilities may open up for you. Change often is a blend of excitement and uncertainty; it’s normal to feel that way.

Now though is the time to stay on course. That’s so much easier when you have the right support. I’ve got your back during this new phase in your life.

Should any bumps have occurred, we’ll sort them out during your session.

Love How You Feel, Enjoy Life

Because my aim for all my clients is for your confident independence from me, I am confident that you will have no further need for me after that.

Should life throw you a curve ball that knocks you off track, you can choose to get in touch with me for a top-up session, which That could be something as quick as a five minute motivational call.

Of course, that doesn’t stop you calling me any time to report back on how things are going.

I always love to hear from clients, and I’d especially love for you to spread the word, and help change someone else’s life for the better.

If you like the sound of this, and you feel hopeful for a future free from migraine misery, book your free 30 minute call with me today.

“I look forward to helping you open the window on a better life.”

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