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What Is Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy was developed and championed by two outstanding physicians; Dr Janet G Travell and Mr David G Simons.

Dr Travell, who was President Kennedy’s personal physician, discovered that many pain conditions, including migraine, can in fact be due to a mechanism known as referred pain.

That referred pain is created by taut bands in your muscles, called trigger points.

With migraine, these trigger points lurk in the neck, shoulder, jaw and scalp muscles. You may notice that your shoulders are tight. Or perhaps you clench your jaw. But, neither may feel particularly painful to you.

One of the most common source of trigger points are found in a neck muscle called the sternocleidomastoid. Using a laptops, tablets, and smartphones are examples of activities that set up trigger points in this muscle.

Referred pain symptoms created by this hard-working neck muscle include: pain over the eye, behind the ear, in the cheek, across the forehead, deep eye pain, dizziness, nausea, runny nose and blurred vision. You may experience one, all or a combination of these at different times.

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