Helping you move from feelings of self-doubt to self-confidence

Therapy for people who want to
feel good on the inside

Does this sound familiar:

You worry that you’ll be found out.

You look to have everything together but feel lousy on the inside.

You appear to be successful but don’t feel that you are.

You feel that your success is down to luck, not your skills and abilities.

Doubting yourself, your imagination runs straight to the worst-case scenario. That you’ll be fired, lose your home, lose your family.

Stop. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Working together, I will help you to start seeing and feeling differently about yourself, your talents and skills.

You may need this if you…

  • Find yourself under huge pressure and its become the norm.
  • Wake up anxious most mornings worrying about the day to come.
  • Regularly skip lunch or forget to eat and think this is okay.
  • Get irritable and snappy over the littlest thing.
  • Don’t enjoy Sundays because you are dreading the week ahead.
  • Often feel lonely and isolated.
  • Find yourself behaving in ways you don’t like but can’t seem to stop.
  • Down play your accomplishments.

You sense something is wrong but, you don’t know how to make it right.

What you may be searching for is understanding help that will support you to learn to trust in yourself, accept yourself and be comfortable believing in your achievements.


Somatic Trauma Therapy
  • Feeling and knowing that YOU are worthwhile.
  • Feeling good enough at work, with friends and in relationships
  • Knowing that you have nothing to prove to anyone, including yourself.
  • Enjoying all of your weekends, pressure-free.
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin.
  • Celebrating your successes AND feeling good on the inside.
  • Knowing that your success is down to YOU and your skills and talent.

Your Next Step…

Together, you and I will work to help you move towards feeling and knowing that you are good enough, already. That it is okay for YOU to feel happy and enjoy the life you’ve created and all that it brings to you and those you love.

To take your next step, get in touch and book your introductory session. You can do this by calling me on 0755 407 0770 or sending an email to me at

All sessions, including introductory sessions are £70. Each session is for 50 minutes. I work with my clients from my Edinburgh-based ZOOM office.