Migraine Reduction Practice

1-to-1 professional support worldwide by tele-health

Covid-19 Update

We are living in ways that are radically different; ways that may be impacting you as a person with migraine.

During these uncertain times, my practice remains open and I’m here to support you.

I work with my clients by tele-health, which is a secure video call. This means we can safely work together.

Peace of Mind

Your Migraine Reduction Practice is created individually for you because one size does not fit all.

Be Confident

Enjoy release from the burden of worry and guilt. Confidently, live life as you choose.

Gain Time

Gain time and spend your energy, passion and creativity on enjoying life.

Jan Southern
Founder of Migraine Reduction Practice

Hello, I’m Jan Southern & for 35 years I followed the typical migraine advice.

Changed my diet.
Wore dark glasses.
Tried to manage my stress.

None of it helped. I felt I was doing something wrong; that I was  beyond help. Until, step-by -step, I unearthed what I really needed to do.

My symptoms are reduced but, more than that I no longer organise my life around migraine. I even get to leave things to the last minute. 

I am here to empower you to find the peace of mind that comes from experiencing that migraine does not have to reduce your choices.

Client Testimonials


“I was just regressing into an ever more decreasing shadow of my former life. If that sounds dark, well, that’s how it was. There has been so much improvement I sometimes can’t quite believe it. If you’ve ever had to endure a migraine that lasted 9 days, a headache that lasts less than 24 hours is a phenomenal improvement.”

Very Impressed

“Tension in my neck and shoulder often led to dreadful headaches and migraines. When I heard about Jan I was very interested to try the work. I was very impressed with Jan’s approach and how she carefully explained everything. I was also impressed that she gave me exercises to do and seemed genuinely interested in doing something to help with my problems.”


“This work has created a platform for a lasting solution to free me from mind numbing drugs, painful neck, and the frequent migraine clusters after several years of a worsening condition – an amazing result.”

How to Get Your Migraine Reduction Practice

1-to-1 Tele-Health video from the comfort of your own home

Step 1.

Book Your Free 1-hr Consultation

Gain clarity on why you want to change how migraine impacts your life. Understand my approach. Discover if Migraine Reduction Practice is right for you.

Step 2

Migraine Reduction Practice

I create your individualised program. You begin practicing right away. Step-by-step, confidently master the strategies and techniques that work for you.

Step 3


One month after completing your 10 weekly sessions, return for your graduation session. An opportunity to further strengthen your practice and to celebrate your progress.

Migraine Reduction Practice is practical and realistic. It is not about damaging, false hope. That’s the last thing you need, right now.

We know that there is no cure for migraine. But that does not mean you have to shrink your life around this mystifying condition.

Work with me and gain the peace of mind so that even if you get symptoms you’ll be able to say: that’s okay, I know what to do and tomorrow will be better.

You will need to make changes – changes that will allow you to let go of limiting migraine ‘coping’ restrictions. Yet change can be uncomfortable, for many people. Sometimes all you need to keep going is someone besides who will help you through the bumps along the way.

Wherever you are, I am here to help you develop the knowledge, skills and confidence so that you get to shape the rhythm of your own life.