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Helping people who look like they have it all sorted but struggle with self-doubt on the inside

Coming soon…May 2022

Ever worry you’re just one mistake away from being found out?

You are successful, but don’t believe that you are – despite the evidence that says otherwise. You often feel anxious that people will see that you don’t really know what you’re talking about; that you’re a fraud.

Feeling that you are winging it, you put in long hours to compensate. Being harsh on yourself when you judge that you don’t meet the expectations you put on yourself. Setting up a negative pattern of working.

Not feeling good enough is both common and unpleasant. But, it is possible not to feel worried and doubtful all the time. It is possible to shift away from self-doubt to compassionate self-confidence in your skills, your achievements and yourself.

Somatic Trauma Therapy is an active approach that supports you to make the change from thinking you’re not good enough to knowing that you are more than good enough, already.