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one-to-one online bespoke programme for people who've tried everything
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Does Migraine Mean You Miss Out?

If migraine makes you miss out on life’s important moments, you are not alone.
If you worry about missing out, you are not alone.

Yet it truly doesn’t have to be like this.

But, if you’ve tried a bunch of treatments already without success you may worry that nothing will work for you. Sound familiar?

Routine treatment reduce you to a set of symptoms…

That gives you two big problems:

1. The REAL impact migraine has on you is completely ignored.
2. YOU are left out of the solution.

I know how that feels.

That was my story for over 35 years – until I discovered how to change migraine for the better.

The one thing I hear from my clients time & time again?

“Why did no-one tell me about this before?”

Solving Your Migraine

What does this all mean?

You and I work together to solve your migraine mystery.

During your 11 sessions we create your own toolbox of techniques that are right for you. They’re yours to keep; the more you use them the better they get.

That’s important. But, let’s face it – if it was just about the right techniques, you’d have done them already. It’s the pitfalls that trip you up.

Right now, I don’t know what yours will be. But I know two things for sure: you have them and I know how to help you get out of them.

Freedom from Migraine is your personalised programme available exclusively through my secure online clinic (it’s kind of like Skype.) I’m based in Edinburgh, Scotland and work with people here in the UK and internationally.

Let’s find out if working with me is right for you…

Sharing a client's happy story...

Jan has literally given me my life back. If you’ve ever had to endure a migraine that lasted 9 days, a headache that lasts less than 24 hours is a phenomenal improvement.
SM, Edinburgh


Being there with those you love

Living without the worry

Reducing the severity of your symptoms

Enjoying more migraine-free days

Feeling like your true self, again.

Can you really afford to keep wasting your valuable time and money on treatments that don’t give you the knowledge, techniques and confidence to live your life as you choose?

Step 1.

Request your Call

Let’s speak and discover if Freedom from Migraine is right for you. Pressure-free. Simply an opportunity to explore your options.

Step 2

Do the Programme

I create your programme. You practice it. I support you. You get your very own toolbox of techniques. The more you use it the better it gets.

Step 3

Thrive and Grow

With your migraine mystery solved and armed with the right techniques and know-how you are free to live life as you choose, confidently care-free