About Jan Southern

I know it may all sound too good to be true, that you almost don’t dare to hope for a way around these lousy migraines.

But don’t worry – I fully empathise, because I’ve been there too, and that’s how I came to create my system, End Migraine Misery…(read more on how I work)

So who am I and how did I get here?

Today, I’m all about helping people with migraine. But ten years ago, I didn’t have an inkling I’d be doing this. I was an environmental scientist with grand plans to save the world. Although I loved it, after more than twenty years in the same career, I needed a change.

I retrained in massage therapy. Don’t ask me why. Growing up, in Yorkshire my family was not what you’d call touchy feely. So you can imagine massage was a total mystery. Although the idea of making the world a better place somehow, was very attractive.

I thank my lucky stars for the day I started at the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage. That is where I began to learn the enormous potential of Trigger Point Therapy. It was the starting point for changing my migraine, and my life (and other’s lives too) for the better.

You see, because I suffered from migraine, I know not only the theory, but what it’s like to live with. Mine kicked in when I was 11 years old. My doctors couldn’t help me. I just learned to put up with it… to live with it. Sound familiar?

What I’ve found is that developing my system, of mind-body techniques and Trigger Point Therapy, has put me back in control of my life. The attacks are less severe and frequent. What I value even more though is that I am free of the fear.

Now I can go outside, plan weekends away, go shopping even – and enjoy what I love doing best – being outdoors, walking and climbing in the west of Scotland, and recharging my batteries in the vast space and peace of Ardnamurchan.

And I’m fulfilled – because I’m helping make the world a better place – for my clients and their families. I love helping them and spreading the message – that there is hope.

But enough about me, as they say. What about you? Would you like to know how you can end your migraine misery? I offer a free 30-minute call to discover the possibilities. There’s really nothing to lose.

I sincerely hope that you’ll book a call and give yourself a chance to be improve your migraine so that you can feel like the real you, too.

“Success for me is that you don’t need me after our 10 weeks together. That you’ve embedded the work we’ve done into your life and it all comes naturally after that.”
Jan Southern, Edinburgh

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