Migraine is not a personality flaw.

Why do I work to help people with migraine?

In short, because I am one. I understand what it means to deal with migraine. I put up with it from the age of 9 until my mid-forties. Not that anyone around me really knew, as I kept it hidden.

Discovering what worked for me for took many years. Now I share the benefit of that work with others. Enabling you to find the solutions quicker than it took me.

I began my career as an Environmental Scientist, with dreams of making the world a better place. Over twenty years, I found myself drawn again and again to projects where I helped people be empowered to find their voice and importantly make it be heard. I loved it.Yet, after 20 years the truth is I hit a wall.

Transforming my migraine episodes

My philosophy is if the work is important and you run out of enthusiasm, step aside and make room for someone who is fired up.

That’s what I did. I resigned and changed careers, qualifying as an Advanced Massage Therapist, taking with me my scientific training and skills.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, my new direction became my first step in transforming my own migraine.

Using my research skills I have deepened my understanding of migraine. I continue to investigate the most effective interventions we have available for reducing migraine symptoms down to size.

And for 10 years, I have been developing and sharing my knowledge and experience with my clients. I believe we all have the right to spend our energy, passion and creativity on enjoying our lives. Just the same as anyone else.

Enjoy doing more of what you love

For me, you being free of the burden of migraine is equally as important as lessening the symptoms. The good news it is to time to say goodbye:

  • obsessive trigger monitoring
  • bat-shit crazy diets
  • fear of perfume wearers
  • fear of hot days, fear of cold days
  • feeling guilty

Not only is that no way to live it doesn’t help to reduce migraine. I discovered that reducing the symptoms happens in partnership with kicking off tedious restrictions.

One thing I hear time and time again from my clients?
“I wished I’d known this sooner!”

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