Jan Southern

Founder of Migraine Reduction Practice

Why do I work to help people with migraine?

In short, because I am one. What’s more I will always be a person with migraine but, I no longer live with the burden of migraine shaping my life.

I understand what it means to deal with migraine. I put up with it from the age of 9 until my mid-forties. Not that anyone around me really knew, as I kept it hidden.

Analysing what worked for me for took many years. Now I share the benefit of that work with you. Enabling you to find the solutions with greater ease than it took me.

I am a qualified Trigger Point Massage Therapist and a Somatic Trauma Therapist.

Living with migraine too often means a loss of control over choice. It is important to me that my clients regain their own sense of control and agency over their lives, even if they have migraine. That is why I not only teach my clients the techniques that are right for them but how to integrate them in their everyday life.

My approach is not for everyone and that’s okay. Different things work for different people at different times in their lives.

If you’d like to discover if working with me is right for you please book your free consultation call.

Is Your Migraine Routine Shrinking Your Life?

Is Your Migraine Routine Shrinking Your Life?

Switching attention away from a strict migraine routine offers a way of no longer have to shrink your life to fit around migraine. With that we give ourselves the opportunity to widen our horizons; to embrace the humdrum beauty of everyday ordinariness.

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