Identify Your own Migraine Crunch Points


I want to share something with you.

It’s a technique that I share with my clients when they hit a roadblock in their own migraine reduction practice.

These roadblocks are our migraine crunch points. We all have them.

Collected over the years. From our lived experience. From advice to control migraine triggers.

In time they appear as facts. Set in stone. Unchangeable.

The truth is we all run up against them when we’re learning to gradually soften and reduce migraine symptoms.

The danger is if we don’t deal with those stones in our path they continue tripping us up.

How can you navigate safely beyond them?

Discover how in this video.

What Can You Expect To Happen


Like many self-care techniques, this is straightforward.

Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it is a little challenging.

If you do find it tricky, at first, that’s okay – many people do.
When we begin to question the things we took as certainties, we can feel shaken a little.

Yet when we shine a light on our migraine expectations something valuable takes place.

A shift begins deep within us.

A door opens onto the possibility that our experience of migraine can be different.

And that is a valuable first step of moving towards a better a direction.

Your Turn

Did you identify a surprising migraine belief? Or did you recognise them already?

Either way I’m curious to hear about your experience of trying this technique for yourself. Share below.