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Reduce migraine symptoms and turn your life around

One of the most effective way to get less migraine is to get less migraine.

Individualised Migraine Reduction Practice is designed to help you to progressively reduce migraine symptoms. How?

Migraine is not a personality flaw. The brain is simply working differently. This practical one-to-one process is centred on techniques that build your ability to re-educate your brain.

Do you want to learn how to teach your brain to gradually produce less migraine?

Imagine changing what migraine means

You need to do the work because no-one else can make the changes for you. But, going it alone is an uphill struggle. You deserve and need help. The good news is you already have the ability to re-educate how your brain works. My support and guidance puts you on the fast track.

Over the course of 10 weeks I will create your personal Migraine Reduction Practice. Every week you have your 1-to-1 session with me. I answer your questions and provide you with new approaches. The secret to changing how your brain works is to practice, practice. Sounds easy enough yet making change is hard.

Boost your confidence

The truth is the parts you struggle with the most, typically turn out to be the most helpful. I am right beside you, helping you work your way through the inevitable bumps you’ll encounter. The cool thing is you begin practising right away at your first session, boosting your confidence from the get-go.

More and more you’ll notice that you are integrating new supportive behaviours. With time, these become second nature.

Enjoy living life on your terms

Imagine changing what migraine is about. Right now, too often it means arranging your life around migraine; of putting your life on hold. We flip the focus from what you don’t want, to what you do want. Why wait any longer?

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What Do You Get?

1. Free, 1-Hour Preparation Consultation
We need to understand what I offer and what you need at this time matches. You will gain clarity on what you need. I’ll share tips as we go through. We will decide together at the end how I could help and support you.

2. Induction into my Private Client Workspace

Access to your own private, bespoke Migraine Reduction Practice techniques library. How-to videos, guided audios and detailed support material that are yours to keep.

3. Ten weekly 50 minute One-to-One Sessions via secure, video call

I create your personal Migraine Reduction Practice as we work together. You begin practicing from your first session.

4. One 1-hour Graduation Session

One month after completing your 10 weekly sessions, you return for your 1-hour graduation session. A further opportunity to refine your practice and importantly to celebrate your progress.

Exclusive Access to Masterclass Week Sessions

I am always researching new ideas and techniques that effectively reduce migraine symptoms. As a Migraine Reduction Practice client you have the option to sign-up for a 1-hour Mastering Your Practice session during my Masterclass Week.

Free Preparation Consultation