Hypersensitive Migraine Brain –
Helpful or Harmful?

Have you stumbled across this notion: the hypersensitive migraine brain?

It’s something I’ve tripped over a lot, recently. I have to tell you it doesn’t sit well with me.

I see two dark fins come slicing through the waters towards me.

Making me ask the question:

Is the notion of the delicate migraine brain helping or harming us?
Watch and decide for yourself

The Brain Simply Working Differently

Why some of us get migraine and some of us don’t is an ongoing topic of research. It does seem that the brain’s response is working differently in those of us who have this mystifying condition.

Yet, the science tells us that does not make us hostage to our biology.

With that in mind, is moving away from the idea that our brain is nervous of change, helpful?

For me, the answer is a heartfelt Yes – for what we gain in return.

  • The opportunity to confidently step away from tumbling down the rabbit hole of fear.
  • The opportunity to free ourselves of the limitations we’ve been taught we must monitor and control.
  • The opportunity to create for ourselves a bigger, easier space for us to live in. Without the excess baggage.

Now, it’s Your Turn

That’s my take on it. What’s yours?
Do you find the concept helpful or not?
Either way I’d love to hear. Share your views below.