Picture Yourself Confidently Dealing with Migraine Doubters

We’ve probably all been there at some time.
Faced with someone who doubts us.
Who doesn’t believe our experience of migraine.

Some of us will feel defensive. Some of us will feel angry. Both understandable emotions. Yet do our reactions help us or not?

And, if it doesn’t, what can we do instead?

Here’s a different approach you can try on for size.

An approach that puts you back in control of the conversation.
That let’s you set your own boundaries.
And restores power back to you.

Watch and learn this approach for dealing with your migraine doubters.

Your Voice is Yours

Being doubted can feel like not being seen. Of being diminished.
Your voice is smothered by the demand to explain, to justify yourself.

Seeing this more clearly for what it is returns our perspective.
We recognise that we have no need to justify our experience of migraine to anyone.

We can choose to share our migraine story if we want to.
Knowing that if we do it will be on our own terms.

Now, it’s your turn.

Where can you picture using this tip? Share below if you want to, of course. 🙂

The tip I share in this video is one that I find works for me. But, it’s good to remember that we are all unique. Just because we get migraine doesn’t mean we’re all alike. Different solutions work for different people.

That’s why I created Bespoke Migraine Reduction Practice – because one size doesn’t fit all. I know what it means to be hampered by migraine. I carried that burden for 35 years because I didn’t know any better. Now I do.

If you’d love to effectively and naturally manage migraine, my one-to-one practical approach is made for you. I work with clients around the globe, through secure video call. Apply for your preparation consultation today.