Here, some of my clients have kindly chosen to share their stories with you. Their intention is simply encouragement. To let you know that you are not alone. And that change is possible. You can embrace being outside of the migraine shadow.

Improved awareness of my body and fewer headaches
I first came to see Jan on the recommendation of a friend who had been receiving treatment for migraines and making great progress. My main problem was neck and shoulder pain related to sitting at a desk which sometimes led to headaches and tingling in my scalp.

I had also come through a very busy and stressful time of my life and was looking to improve my general well-being. My friend had told me that Jan’s technique was gentle but powerful and I immediately knew what she meant.

Jan explained to me about trigger points and through tiny movements and adjustments at different points was able to highlight where the problem areas were for me and how they were causing my symptoms. After each treatment I felt lighter and looser and my symptoms improved successively over time too.

Jan’s holistic approach appealed to me as she didn’t let the work stop in the treatment room and provided exercises and advice on things I could do at work and at home to help me maintain and further my progress. I now have fewer neck problems and headaches.

We moved on to work on other parts of my body as well and Jan helped me to reduce pain in other areas and also improve my awareness of my body and how it should be including improving my posture.

I would highly recommend Jan as her philosophy of working with the mind and body together is very effective in gently helping you to move from bad habits of posture and movement to better ones.

Kirsty H, Edinburgh

Improving neck and shoulder muscles for fewer headaches
“For a long time I had suffered with dreadful tension in my neck and shoulder muscles on the right-hand side.I would periodically go for massages which would make me feel better for a short while but nobody I saw seemed to have a long term solution to my problems. The tension in my neck and shoulder would often lead to dreadful headaches and migraines so when I heard about Jan and her  work I was very interested to try it.

The first time I saw her I was very doubtful that the treatment would have any effect at all as it seemed so very gentle. However, I was very impressed with Jan’s approach and the fact that she carefully explained everything she did. I was also impressed that she gave me exercises to do and seemed genuinely interested in doing something to help with my problems.

I began to feel a difference in my neck and shoulder almost immediately and after a further two treatments feel very much better. I can still do the exercises that Jan has given me whenever I like and I have had far fewer headaches since she started giving me treatments. I will visit her again without hesitation if my symptoms begin to return.”

Chrissy Pritchard, Lanarkshire


Migraine less frequent and much less intense
I have been seeing Jan for over a year now for treatment of a severe migraine problem (of about 10 years duration, that had ultimately meant I’d had to give up work). I had had some relief with both Chiropractic and Osteopathic treatment but I would still get some major headaches.

I had also managed to pick up an arm injury and this was what brought me to Jan in the first place. However, when discussing my reaction to these treatments (I would get a headache a few days later) it soon became apparent that I might have trigger points in the neck and shoulder regions.

I wasn’t looking to start a new regime of therapy – I had in fact almost resigned myself to a lifetime of just coping with a relentless cycle of unexplainable headaches. I say resigned but actually I was just regressing into an ever more decreasing shadow of my former life. If that sounds dark, well, that’s how it was.

However, there has been so much improvement in my physical and mental wellbeing I sometimes can’t quite believe it – Jan has literally given me my life back. Although there are still some activities I may have to avoid in the future, I can do so much more now and the headaches, when they come, if they come, are of a much shorter duration and much less intense. If you’ve ever had to endure a migraine that lasted 9 days, a headache that lasts less than 24 hours is a phenomenal improvement and I cannot praise Jan highly enough.

Jan has a lovely manner, funny, warm but also professional and I trust her implicitly to do what’s right for me. Oh, and for the record, she has also been able to reduce my IBS symptoms (who knew this could be treated in this manner) and has also managed to address the pronounced curvature of my lower back, present since I was a child (over 40 years ago). I now stand better, have a flatter abdomen and my buttocks stick out less. What woman wouldn’t recommend that?

SM, Edinburgh

Case Study Migraine Aura – Helen’s Story in her own words

“I was a typical pen pusher and keyboard slave of the modern age, spending decades hunched over a computer keyboard and screen. Years of travel on trains and planes sleeping in uncomfortable positions whilst travelling, and driving miles for work. This built up over the years from occasional to persistent shoulder and elbow problems with the doctors at intervals referring me to physios. The various physios tried strapping, acupuncture, manipulation and exercise for tennis elbow and frozen shoulder without other than transitory success.

So I eventually found a physiotherapist who started from scratch and tracked back the problem from the arms and shoulders to my neck. The physio heard that I also suffered migraines and said that it was extremely likely that the neck was the source of the migraines.

I was given postural and exercise advice to mitigate the neck stiffness, including a recommendation to take up Pilates to help core strength and posture, and finally advice to have it further investigated via the doctor.

The doctors continued treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs and advice to supplement the drugs with the physio’s suggested mitigations. With the neck getting stiffer and migraines starting to cluster the doctors tried differing medications for the migraine, drugs that it was hoped would also help with the neck as well.
The drugs did mitigate the migraine and to some extent the neck issues but with most of them at a cost of scrambling my brain one way or another.

On hearing I suffered migraines now developing into serial clusters my Pilates instructor suggested contacting Jan.

Jan’s first investigation, she told me later, located what appeared to be some bone in my neck where no bone should exist! No wonder I was having difficulty turning my head, with muscles which had advanced into a permanent rock hard spasm.

A couple of weeks of not at all aggressive manipulation and I could turn my head fully and without pain.
So I stopped the migraine meds and immediately a migraine kicked in. Jan manipulated my neck and other trigger points once more and what typically would have been a couple of weeks of recurring visual disturbances and headaches vanished in a couple of days.

Since then, some additional manipulation sessions plus an exercise regime for the neck and the subconscious to keep the posture and suppleness in place was worked on.

This work has created a platform for a lasting solution to free me from mind numbing drugs, painful neck, and the frequent migraine clusters after several years of a worsening condition – an amazing result.”